Shy Wolf Sanctuary


Case Study
Organization:   Shy Wolf Sanctuary
Location:   USA
  Collier County, FL
Issue(s):     Shy Wolf Sanctuary had been operating a shelter for wolves and exotic animals for over 20 years when they approached us. They were looking to become financially sustainable.
Recommendations: Initially, the organization had very little infrastructure and although very passionate, the board was small and did not have clear roles. There was a strong team of volunteers, but no staff. There were sporadic donations, but donors were not cultivated. This led to constant chaos and insecurity. We recommended training initially, but eventually took over management of the organization on an interim basis.
Methodology:     The following projects were implemented:

  • Fundraising training
  • Grantwriting training
  • Creation of annual appeal
  • Communications training
  • Creation of job descriptions
  • Board member Recruitment training
  • Creation of board member orientation packet
  • Selection and set up of fundraising database
  • Facilitation of board retreat
  • Selection and set up of volunteer software


As Interim Director, the following projects were implemented:

  • Hired Volunteer Coordinator
  • Hired Education Coordinator
  • Coordinated first donor appreciation event
  • Instituted welcome parties for new animals
  • Onsite fundraising program and training
  • Complete revision of fundraising coding

Provision of grantwriting ongoing

Consultants:     Geva Salerno, Jean Roche, Cynthia Caughey
Results:     Shy Wolf Sanctuary has added several board members and is on more solid footing. They are building on the infrastructure created and are in a very positive place.



MS Center of SWFL


Organization:     Multiple Sclerosis Center of Southwest Florida
Location:     USA
  Bonita Springs, FL

The MS Center of SWFL had been in operation for approximately ten years when they approached us. They were unsure how to get to the next level of development and operation.

Recommendations: We worked with the board of directors on a series of projects that were a priority to them, beginning with improving their annual event. We then supported them over several years to clarify roles and build capacity.
Methodology:     The following projects were implanted:

  •          Corporate sponsorship training for annual event
  •          Live auction training for annual event
  •          Public Relations campaign for event
  •          Facilitation of first Communications Plan
  •          Creation of first introductory video
  •          Facilitation of first strategic plan, achieved consensus on several major operational changes: movement of the Center further north, hiring of the organization’s first executive director
Consultants:     Geva Salerno, Chuck Curry, Public Relations Team, Video Production Crew
Results:     The MS Center of SWFL board of directors worked over several years to implement the new strategic plan. In order to provide services to more potential clients, the Center was moved north by 25 miles. In order to direct the move and implement new services, an executive director was hired. The organization has entered into a period of unprecedented growth.



Hunger & Homeless Coalition of Collier County

Case Study      
Organization:     Hunger & Homeless Coalition of Collier County
      The Hunger & Homeless Coalition of CC provides coordination of hunger and homeless services in Collier County, Florida.
Location:     USA
      Collier County, Florida
Issue(s):     Traditionally run by a sole employee, initially, the Coalition was in need of manpower and expertise in order to accomplish its mission. In addition, the Coalition was also in need of a clearer focus.
Methodology:     NPSC was initially hired to conduct a program evaluation of the HPRP Program, coordinated by the Coalition. (Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program). This 6-month project successfully provided the data and input necessary to refocus the program to achieve its goals.
      In addition, NPSC has provided the following services to the Coalition over a period of five years:

–          Marketing, creation of logo, redesign of website

–          Contract labor for programs

–          Contract labor for the creation of the 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness

–          Creation of fundraising plan

–          Fundraising training for board

–          Event Marketing, invitations, signage, etc

–          Strategic Planning

Consultants:     Geva Salerno, Rene Givens, Susanna Smith, Myra Williams
Results:     The Hunger & Homeless Coalition is now a much more focused, well-funded and effective organization. They are currently working on their 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness.

The Immokalee Foundation

Case Study
Organization:     The Immokalee Foundation
      The Immokalee Foundation currently provides after-school enrichment, intensive early reading, vocational training, and college preparation and success.
Location:     USA
  Immokalee, Florida
Issue(s):     NonProfit Solutions Consulting was hired in 2006 to manage the two programs that The Immokalee Foundation was running in Immokalee Florida, a family literacy program and a truancy program. They requested a program evaluation at the end of the summer. The program evaluation found that the programs were:

–          Taking up a tremendous amount of time and resources for the number of individuals served (55 total)

–          NPSC reported a potential conflict of interest

–          NPSC reported a potential tax implication

–          NPSC reported logistical problems with service delivery

Recommendations: 1.       NPSC recommended closing both programs, however recognized that the truancy program could be improved with a list of changes.

2.       NPSC recommended that a formal needs analysis be conducted of the Immokalee area to determine actual needs.

Methodology:     The Immokalee Foundation decided to close the family literacy program and keep the truancy program. NPSC was hired to revise the truancy program. NPSC hired new staff for the program and changed the format from a punishment-based model to a counseling-based model.
      The Immokalee Foundation hired the University of Florida to conduct a needs analysis of the Immokalee area and used the results to redesign their programming


Results:     The Immokalee Foundation has blossomed since their reorganization. They now have six distinct programmatic areas and serve over 1,000 students per year.


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